Solution for flea problem

Everything seems to come at the same time.... now it's fleas. Fleas =
always jump on and bit one of the family. The rest they don't bother. =
We have no pets, rodent problem, etc. An occasion cat walks thru the =
yard but doesn't hang aour here. I heard that they are pretty much =
found on pets or in their nests - neither of which we have in the yard.
So I'm at a loss of where they are coming from.
Next question does any recommend for spraying the yard with that is the =
least harmful to everything else besides fleas, and last a long time?
Thx in advance
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Guv Bob
Even if you don't have pets, your neighbors pet might have it. The best way to get rid of fleas is applying Diatomaceous Earth in your lawn. Sprinkle the Diatomaceous earth around your lawn and make sure you cover every area of your lawn.
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