New Lawn Drainage Problem!

Hi guys, my very first post here so feel free to wade in with any
comments or suggestions..
Basically I purchased a new build in june and paid for the turf to be
laid in the back garden. I was told it was very recent so stay off it
for a month. Two months later the grass looked good but the ground
underneath was so wet and spongy that simply walking on it leaves deep
dents. I asked the landscapers to look and they said "yep, you need a
land drain, it's boggy". So I took this up with the developer who blamed
the 'rain' and said to just wait. A few weeks later and no improvement
so I wrote to the regional head office and within a week the site
manager was back to look. Still quite short and unhelpful they basically
said I'd bought a standard residential build and couldn't expect the
world - I actually bought a 3 bed detached and it cost me everything
I've ever saved so a walk-on-able garden isnt too much to expect.
Anyhow, eventually the landscapers were back to put in a french drain.
They rotavated the existing turf into the soil, dug a trench (french
drain?) and then relaid turf on top afterwards.
It's been 6 weeks since and the turf looks great. BUT, the ground is
still spongy underfoot. Not as bad as before but still to the point of
leaving dents. I really have no idea what to do to resolve this. I'd pay
myself if I only knew how to put this right?!
Any advice or comments would be great thank you
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you need a professional on-site. i hope you observed what they have done already so that it doesn't have to be dug up yet again.
from here we can't tell how those drains were designed and installed or what the capacity is. if there are ditches or sinks, springs, soil conditions, site grades, etc.
just too many factors for me to say much else other than good luck.
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Thanks - here are a couple of pictures. I would have posted this earlier but some sort of Comcast problem was preventing my page from working correctly.
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One obvious big question is how extensive this newly installed drain is and where exactly does it take the water?
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