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No problem - except for the small tank - its gonna make the pump shut off and on continuously. A 4 gallon pressure tank would normally only have an average of 2 gallons in it (the rest is compressed air). With only 6' of lift and 50' of transfer you can set up any way thats convenient. I like to put pumps as close to the water as possible but in this minimal usage I guess it shouldn't matter. I also favor "well points" - pieces of pipe with many holes covered by screen - on the water source end - this minimizes junk from being sucked in. Probably need a check valve (or a foot valve if you don't use the point). You can use black plastic pipe (make sure it is approved for water) as long as you don't have building codes to prevent you. I use double clamps on plastic. I'd put the pump where water splashing around is not a problem - priming sometimes gets a little sloppy. Some pumps can be controlled to turn on when ever you draw water - I am used to controlling with a pressure switch (with a bigger tank) that turns on when the pressure drops to about 20# (adjustable) and shut of when it build up to 40# (adjustable). I currently have a pump sitting next to a brook and pushing water 400' feet up a hill with over 20" of rise. I crank it up, fill a 250 gallon tank and shut it off.
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