Re: How much longer to cut grass with a Scotts reel mower?

Greg Wrote:

Greg, My wife and I had a lawn in Michigan,USA with over 12k sq. ft. we use a Scott's 20 inch classic. It took approximately 30 mins to mow. We no live in Pennsylvania and have a yard of appr. 8k sq. ft. and the entir yard is on a 46 degree incline. We still take less than 45 mins to mow even with the hill. Modern reel movers are very lightweight and most have ceramic bearings They are way lighter than a gas powered mower and much mor manueverable. When we moved in to our current home, there was a mole problem with th associated lumpiness and soft spots. The reel mover (with its' trailin wheels) actually rides over these areas with much less difficulty tha a gas mower. All in all, from our experiences, I would think you would reduce movin time by maYbe a third, while having a much healthier law due to th clipping action of the reel mower vs. the shredding typical with rotar blades

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