Planning for small kitchen garden

We have never been able to have a very successful garden.
Every animal around, not counting the Japanese Bettles get it first.
This year we would like to raise some Tomatoes, now called Heirlooms,
Peppers, and a few others that can be grown in large pots or that we can
escape from tilling the back yard.
What do you use to keep Wildlife out?
The dog seems to enjoy their company.
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I grow stuff in pots on top and below deck (10 feet). No problem on top except occasionally raccoons may be a problem and then I set out a Hav-a-hart trap.
Below deck where deer can access, I have netting wrapped around deck posts as barrier.
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You have to modify their taste & behavior. There is a hot pepper spray that you can spray on your plants to deter animals. After a few bites they remove that plant from their "good eating" list. It washes off with a rain and may have to be reapplied a few times, but most animals get the message fairly quickly. Then there is the electric fence which is a behavior modifier also. I run 4 strands, 1 about 6" off the ground for rabbits & racoons, 1 at 18" & 36" for dogs and larger animals, and 1 at 60". for deer. Deer can jump higher than that but rarely do if they've been shocked a time or two.
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If you decide to make an enclosed fence make sure that you bury the chicken wire. If animals still dug under bury it deeper. If I remember right its something like 1-3 feet depending on the animal. This way when animals try to dig under the fence they find more fence :)
Maybe this will inspire you -
formatting link
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I am new to this group so I am unfamiliar with terms please forgive my asking -what does your message mean? .
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