new to lawns

We moved into our house in Oxford last year and initally put some seeds
down just by hand. After the winter it's looking very worse for wear and
there are lots of patches. I wonder if anyone can tell me what the best
thing to do now would be and when? I've been looking at maybe getting a
seed spreader to help with the job, but not sure if this is right or
which one to get??
thanks so much in advance for any advice!
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Although you didn't say what kind of grass, generally, grass will spread to cover, and you probably don't need to do much except fertilize about the first of May. Also, if available, spread compost over your lawn. Good for grass and soil.
Good luck, Bob-tx
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Great, thank you both! So you don't think I need a seed spreader to deal with the patches? thanks!
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Only certain types of grass will "spread to cover". For example of the cool season grasses, bluegrass will spread via rhizomes, while tall fescue is a clump type grass. And even with grasses that will spread, most take a long time to spread. If they spread to fill in bares spots effectivelyh, stores wouldn't be selling all that seed. What will quickly fill in those bare spots is weeds and they will remain a continual problem until grass is established. If the bare spots are 6 or eight inches in size then they could fill in. If they are 2 ore 3 feet across, better reseed in Spring.
I would never just broadcast seed around and hope for it to grow. You should be able to rent a slit seeder, which is a gass powered machine that cuts grooves into the soil about 1/4" deep and drops seeds as it goes. That gives you excellent seed/soil contact for good germination. You can buy $50 of grass seed and throw it around, getting maybe 20% germination, then have to do it all over as you are doing now. Or you can rent a seeder for $75 and get 80% germination. You do the math and factor in starter fertilizer, your time, etc.
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