Low Power & Smoke - Lawnboy

I have a Lawnboy model 6872 or maybe 7268.
Anyway, it was running fine, then I noticed that the power went down
and it started smoking.
After it cooled, I started it and it ran more or less normally then after
4 or 5 minutes starts smoking with low power.
Compression seems normal.
Anyone know what happened or how I could figure out what happened?
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Is it possible for you to check the compression when it is hot ? Something must change as it heats up. Do you have to keep adding oil ?
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Srgnt Billko
if its a 2 stroke , exhuast may be clogged up.
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The whole story is that I got lazy and took it to a shop last winter to have something done. I got it back and started using it. A few weeks later it started the gradual process of smoking and losing power after it warmed up. It got progressively worse.
I temporarily got unlazy and started to take the carburetor off when I noticed the bolts/screws holding it on were loose. I tightened them and everything seems to be fine.
The only confusing thing is that I would have expected the mixture to have gotten lean not rich.
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