Lawnmower for Sale

Worx model WG789, battery powered, self propelled, used only once.
Retails for $500, only asking $300.
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Sound kind of high, but it must be a good one. I would never go back to = a gas powered mower even it were free. Electric has no gas, no smell, = no maintenace, etc., etc.
I bought my Ryobi Mulchinator push type at a garage sale about 10 years = ago for $25 from a feller who said it was dead. It's probably circa = 1990-95. All there is to these mowers is a motor and battery and some = recharging & regulating circuitry. The recharging circuit was all = corroded, so I bought a recharger from an auto parts place for $20. = Battery was OK and lasted another couple of years. Bought a new = battery (2 x 12V wired in series) for $80 total. Only other trouble = since then was to buy another battery last year (this time I got it = online for $60). Recently the handle started to bend where the = cross-members were fastended, so I bolted 2 flat pieces of 1/4-in = aluminum to each side.
I can cut front and back yards up to 4-inch high with one pass. I keep = it recharged, but it will cut the yards 3 times before it starts to lose = power -- about 4000 SF x 3.
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