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Hi all,
My first post after reading around the forum. I have a problem with my
I live in a new build house, and turff was laid approx April 2013, I
done everything to care for the lawn including fertiliser etc. everyone
who visited and neighbours commented on how nice my lawn was compared to
theirs etc.
Anyway in September the grass was quite long though as I was always keep
it relatively long when cutting so it would become more established (I
felt like cutting a new lawn short in summer we had was asking for
trouble) I was just about to do a final cut when the weather turned and
in space of few days a few large trees the other side of fence promptly
dumped their leaves all over the lawn. Due to the length of the lawn,
and the fact we rarely had a dry day the lawn was never dry and despite
my best efforts could not get all the leaves up.
Subsequently fast forward to present day and I now have a lot of dead
patches, and a lawn that now resembles a rugby pitch:(
Is there any way I can come back from this and a year old lawn? Do I now
fertilise and wait to see what happens, am I going to need to seed etc?
Any help and advice would be appreciated. If pic helps I could see if I
can sort that. Also the majority of offending trees has now gone!
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While you don't say, apparently you're in the UK. Isn't it still winter there? How do you know it's dead? If you live leaves on it in the Fall, it will kill the grass. If that's what happened, then yes, you're going to have to re-seed.
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