JD deal died//Murray resurected

The JD 111 deal fell thru when they raised the price another $100 so I started tinkering with the old Murray.After cleaning,checking and a brief run time the starter went back to just nudging the engine.A friend stopped in and said to remove the top cover and use a wrench to roll the engine by hand,,did it and it runs pretty good again.Needs new gas I'll guess and I have to play with the choke more than last year till it warms up. After it died last fall I did nothing with it for storage but there was no sticky residue in the float bowl so maybe some new gas will get it back up to snuff,I hate to mess with the carb if it's ok,I prefer to save that lesson till it's really needed!:-) I had no gears so looked underneath and the drive belt is broken and jammed up wich,,I hope,,was the whole prob to begin with.I do'nt have the #s for the belt so will have to do some research as well as take what is left of the old belt along to get the correct one first try. I guess the Murray seat wo'nt be put on an old canoe after all ! All in all not too bad for an Amateur with a dab of help. I'm learnin. Dean
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