Good Neighbor

Well after I moved here then My nextdoor neighbor moved in too,,Their lawn got long so I mowed it for them,it's 2 or 3 times what mine is..Well Kyle saw that I've been working on the rider so He offered to mow for Me,,He now has a Deutz-Allis mower and just finished My yard in about 20 minutes or maybe less! My old 30/10 Murray takes longer than that! Since He remembered tho and gave back in kind I think that's way cool..Some people say "good fences make good neighbors" but I wo'nt be saying that anytime soon! Heck He even spent a couple minutes helping pick up sticks and pine cones! He also has access to a skid loader and thought He could pop the ancient concrete slabs from between the 2 big pine trees someday. I'll get a maul and break it up and haul it away but that's almost impossible when it has it's old bed to lay in. I never did like concrete,,installing or removing..Done wayy too much of both! Aaaanyway I digress,,good neighbors are great to have! And gettin Yer lawn mowed is far better than when a neighbor lady slaps Ya! Words of timeless wisdom..;-Dean
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