Cut-off for grass seed in New England?

I know, stoooopid question, but I have some construction areas that
have just recently been re-top soiled. Located in Central CT I am
wondering how late into the season I can spread starter fertilizer and
new grass seed (of course, not for germination but to be ready for
next spring)?
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I don't see the need to spread it in CT when it's almost Dec. Best case it will sit there until Spring, during which time it's exposed and could be blown away, eaten by rodents, or if it's on any slope it can be washed away with rain I'd also bet even if it all stays where it's supposed to be, you'd get a lower germination rate than if you just seed in early Spring.
Worst case, you have a warming spell and it starts to germinate, doesn't get established enough and then gets killed by the hard cold of winter. And forget about starter fertilizer now, that's a total waste. By Spring, when it'd needed, it will be gone.
What you want to do is seed in Spring. You can put it down a little early, in which case it will sit there for just a few weeks before germinating.
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Thanks, trader;
Lets hope for an early spring. Not to hibernate for the remainder of winter!!!
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