Churned up lawn by 'mad' dog?

I have a malamute dog (like a husky but bigger).
Despite plenty of excercise he pelts round the garden like a nutter and
has churned up what was once a nice green smooth lawn.
I am tempted to try to roll the lawn smooth again. I regularly aerate my
lawn and feed it from easter to autumn.
Thank you in advance for your answer and advice.
Happy 2010!!
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Hi Andy
There doesn?t seem a lot of point in smoothing out the lawn only to let the dog rip up up all over again!
I suggest you have two choices: Enjoy the dog, let it run around and play and look after the lawn as best you can. Aerate and feed as you?re doing but also grow it longer which makes it wear well and perhaps a sprinkle of seed in damaged areas.
OR perhaps you haven?t thought of more logical solutions.... a/ Put the dog on a leash b/ Don?t let the dog on the lawn c/ Trim its nails d/ Get a tortoise instead!
Happy New Year
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The Lawnsmith
Thanks for your reply.
I think its a winter problem as the ground is wetter and softer henc more prone to 'churning'
I'm hoping that as the weather warms the ground will firm up.
He's a great dog.....not fair to have him tied up and tortoise ....wel thats accepting i'm waiting for my wooden suit!!!! lol
Thanks again
-- AndyGeeCee
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AndyGeeCee wrote the following:
Dogs are bad for lawns. They dig it up, pee on it, and shit on it. You have to decide what you want more, the dog or the lawn. Else, live with the consequences of having both.
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