Wicked Plants

NPR - 2009's Crop of Great Gardening Books
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"Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other
Botanical Atrocities" by Amy Stewart (Amazon.com:
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"Consider yourself warned," writes Amy Stewart. "Within the plant
kingdom lurk unfathomable evils." Bram Stoker meets Agatha Christie in
this sophisticated little brew of botanical boogiemen. Fatal fungus,
suicide trees and deadly nightshades are the characters in Stewart's
cleverly designed overview of poisonous plants. A dead serious writer
enchanted by "the plant kingdom's criminal element," Stewart's
wonderfully illustrated book is less a warning than a history of
plants that have, for millennia, insinuated their perilous tendrils
into our unsuspecting lives.
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Most people do not appreciate that since plants cannot run or fight like the animal kingdom, poison is their biggest defense.
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