In MA and maybe other states, transporting trapped animals is illegal. They want us to hire licensed exterminators. (Yah, right.)
I used a Have-A-Heart trap for squirrels. I spray painted them yellow if they would be released at the end of our street, pink if they were going to the conservation area a mile away, and green if they were headed to the "country". Bottom line: NONE returned. I supposed they found a birdfeeder close to where I released them.
Daily transport for trapped animals is a drag and I got tired of it soon.
Our feline liked snacking on chipmonks but would throw them up once in awhile. Ugh. Forturnately at 18 years old, she just sleeps alot these days and doesn't hunt much anymore.
Red squirrels keep away gray squirrels. GF uses old fashioned rat traps to control the red squirrels, mice, chippies, etc. The real cure would be to get rid of the birdfeeders, but we enjoy the birds. The supply of bird seed is kept in a metal garbage can with a heavy rock keeping the lid on. Raccoons are a problem, also. Some of the rat traps disappear and we suspect there is a raccoon out there with a trap on its foot.
Wild turkeys are common around here, but I've never seen one near the bird feeder. We avoid any birdseed containing cracked corn because it attracts those R$I&^$&# mourning doves.
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