Can I make a mulching attachment for my Toro mower?

I asked this of a forum / :
This is a link to a pic of the no longer available Toro Leaf Shredder Kit No. 59101 (optional) for my lawnmower: a 1985/86 Toro 18" push 164cc Tecumseh Model 20762C under, Look Up Parts 462&control=SetCommunity&CommunityID!4&PageID#8#drawingDiagramPage
The (discontinued) kit consists of a C-shaped screen: a chicken wire type looking stuff, more like perforated sheet steel. and a 3-piece baffle (also C-shaped, but located in a 3 different places, also only screws & nut locks.
I can sort of see &/or guess where things go, and it looks like a simple system, SO:
Can I make one up myself? What is the priciple I need to apply? I want to mulch the grass and drop it all (or rear bag as usual at the same time), as opposed to picking the grass up in whole cut pieces
A wiseman thus said:
The leaf shredder works with the bag. It keeps the leaves in the housing until the blade has chopped them up enough to pass through the screen. For grass mulching, there should be no outlet from the deck. The deck and blade have to be designed to mulch, and the discharge port would be blocked by a mulching plate or plug.
And I said:
I did look under the deck to see where the bolts would go for the leaf shredder kit to see what was going on - I don't know whats going on. I can't say off the top of my head now where the holes are specifically, but theres only a limited number of holes. eg where the motor mounts to the deck. Using those hole locations, and/or if there are the other ones, and even making new ones if necc I could plug the shoot or integrate it into a design plan if I have one. A vertical plastic plate closes automatically without the rear bag on - creating a void. Unless there is a fits all kit someone tells me about. I should have a look at online ills of kits for other mowers -can anyone share a link to any kit ill. I'm hoping someone can give me a starting point of what I'm trying to atempt. I have absolutely no trouble fabricating parts for a trial. What does a "kit" look like? Am I trying to deflect grass pieces to/from anywhere to anywhere, or get hang time. I thought this'd be the place to come.
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