what kind of wood is best for fences in Florida ?

Black Locust, Sassafras and Eastern or Western Red Cedar are the best, and in that order. Here's a great site that even provides full pricing for every stitch of the fence or deck you plan, a rarity
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They do offer "finishes", but they don't have any Wood Protectors, if you want to keep the new look. - I only use One-Time Wood Protector (
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) due to it beating polyurethane and literally everything else in everyway. One-Time's very liquid so it goes a long way and goes on very easily and very quickly. It never needs nor can be stripped, just VERY quickly re-apply every 7-years and container leftovers have an unlimited shelf-life. - I'm not a salesperson nor affiliate of either company, just a very happy user that searched to finally find answers that no-one else had nor even knows about. I keep requesting for them to advertise, but it's only dribs and drabs here and there so far.
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