Help!! I have the same tiny tiny bugs coming out from behind the sink taps and need more answers than what I saw here so far.

The cocoa-boric acid mix: was the goal to entice them to eat it? What you describe sounds like they are probably too small to be interested in it. I would presume they are NOT after the sink or the taps :-) , they are after the grease build up. You know, you wash dishes, water splashes around. Sounds like a few rounds of going over the spots where you see them with Clorox (and then just keeping the area clean) should do the trick 'cause it will probably kill them if not directly, then the things they eat.
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The boric acid powder I have (mixed with cocoa-leftover from a silverfish problem three years ago in another home) has been poured around the sink twice and left overnight but has done nothing. Bleach has been wiped around the area only to keep them at bay. They aren[t interested in anything except the sink...what the heck??
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