What is the best insulation method to use on the walls of a board and batten barn?

The walls of the barn are on 16" centered 2"X6" studs. The wooden board and batten siding is far from waterproof. I would like to insulate the walls but I am concerned about mold and rotting if not done correctly.
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Butch S.
If it's actually an unheated and uncooled Barn, don't insulate it, unless you want rot and mold. It should stay an oversized shed and allowed to breathe and dry-out as quickly as possible. - If you do or plan to heat or cool it (regularly or daily), then you want 1-1/2-inches of Rigid Foam Board against the exterior boards with Batt Insulation on top of that. Board and Batten is very easy to waterproof, just caulk each side of the battens and JUST the tops of everything...it'll make a huge difference.
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