How dry I am!

I'm wondering if I've got enough water in my bug out bag. Well, I'm sure I don't.
Started the day with a glass of soda. The glass says it's 30 ounces. Bit of water with my tooth brushing, and some to take my allergy pill.
Took with me, 4 eaches 24 ounce soda bottles of water. I had drunk them all down, by 3 PM or so. Stopped at a rest area, and filled two of them. Drank part of one, on the way home. Got home, and filled two more 24 ounce bottles. (Used maybe one of them in the next couple hours). Got home, and just pouring down a 30 ounce water glass of water with a trace of apple juice. I'm thirsty enough to down another one over the course of the evening, easily.
I'm too tired and dry to figure out how much that was.
Christopher A. Young
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