hard start

From my experience I have found that are big variations in starting of refrigeration compressors. Hard start and soft start amperage will very but only for short period, well how on the soft start amperage may be little smaller but for longer time, in hard start amperage will be higher but for shorter period of time, so the average current it will most likely be very close, you will have to choose what you can with stand more, with these phenomena you may had to experiment your self to find what works better, remember time is milliseconds and all compressors are not same including that some compressor may run without starting cap. or hard start (device) and yet it could be use with both. It depend on OEM design and how often machine start and stops. Hard start kit takes place of starting relay and starting cap. so if you have system using starting relay and cap. you will not use hard start kit (device) their will not be any benefit from it. I work with all setup above and I can not see that anyone can tell you what will work better for you in your situation. Good luck from Dido www.cas-environ.com

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