Converting an air conditioner to a heat pump

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abel wrote: Just had to comment, no, you cant just turn around a window unit and use it for heating. I did this and worked out a way..You must supply heat to the thermostat because no AC unit will kick in until the temp is above 65 where you dont need a must fool the unit into thinking its hot. Then it will work and the hot side does produce lots of heat, while the cool side ices up! So I put the thermostat bulb between the evaporator coil and a light bulb so that when it iced over the system cycled off and then it thawed and kicked in again, but still it was low output and it made so much water that it was a huge mess..But I did get heat out of it for several cold days at what I imagine was a great savings over electric heaters..
Better is to bypass the thermostat and replace it with something activated on the hot side like an adapted baseboard heater modifications to the coils or compressor except adding fans to the cold side to help minimize the freeze up..
I know why one wants to do this, who doesnt when a 5000BTU room AC can be purchased for 100 bucksand the cheapest heat pumps are ten times, with basically the same mechanisms involved..
Its a reasonable innovation to try..far from impossible..unless you are a snotty professional who thinks HVAC is only for their sole proprietary practice...
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