Eccotemp 40 h-i tankless hotwater heater cuts off

I have an eccotemp 40 hi tankless hot water heater that suddenly cuts off. I changed the 1/2 gas line to 3/4 and have 8.3 inches of water column at the unit. The water presure is 60psi water screen and gas screen are clean but it fires up for 20 seconds or so the temp led which is set at 120 drops to 85 or so the goes up to 130 and it shuts down showing an "E-1" code. I sent the unit back to the manufacture and it all checked out, but I still have the same problem. The E-1 code indicates a gas problem, but I have 3/4 inch pipe and the pressure measures over 8 inches water column. I have hit a brick wall please help
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