Help unmounting flat screen TV

I need help getting my 50 inch plasma TV off of my wall mount. The bracket appears to be fairly simple (doesn't tilt or come out from the wall); The TV is hooked onto a top ledge, and there is a lower ledge with two screws below pointing up that prevent the TV from being lifted off the wall. There are also tabs on either side that prevent it from sliding off the mount. My problem is that the two screws seem to be impossible to reach. Does anyone have any advice for unscrewing two screws behind a large TV or know any tricks for this type or wall mount? We've tried extendable ratchet sets and long screwdrivers.
The TV was installed by a handyman who is no longer in the area, so I don't know how it was installed, and the mount came with the apartment, so I don't know the brand or model.
Thanks very much!
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You'll need either a Universal Joint (or 2) or a Flexible Extension for the ratchet setup in order to remove or almost remove the bottom screws...see links below. Usually, with those brackets you can lift or slide the TV off. If you want to return the tools to the store, then cut the safety slide-stops off the bottom of the bracket...fine, if you're not in earthquake country. -
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