Thank God, WE HAVE RAIN!!!
A few hours earlier than local news predicted. So far a good
steady lite rain, but good enough.
Just yesterday while walking in the pasture I saw all the Prickly
Pear Cactus had dried up, shriveled up, and turned brown. Not that
I actually care about the cactus, but when that happens, the drought
is bad.
The humidity feels great!! Maybe we're going to survive after all.
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Mysterious Traveler
Thank Darwin, the relentless rains have stopped! Now the land can dry up. I can now tend my water logged mud pit of a garden. My lawn covered in mushrooms a sign of too much rain.
The warmth of the sun feel great!! Maybe we're going survive after all :)
How we think differently in different parts of the same country or world :)
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Nad R
In article ,
We're the last to have rain then? Heavy downpour this morning blew out the local transformer with a bang. The rain has lightened some, and power is back on, but a T-storm is forecast for the evening commute. Maybe I'll just keep my bathrobe on to day.
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