Spots on Tomatos

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BR>DavesVideo wrote: BR>> As my tomatos ripen, small yellow spots form on the skin, when the tomato BR>> cut, there are white spots in the flesh. BR>> I supose it is too late to do anything about it, but what has happened? Th BR>> cherry tomatos are fine. BR>> BR>> BR>> Dave BR>> BR>The problem is often caused by heat stress and uneven BR>moisture while the tomato is getting ripe. As long as the BR>leaves of the plant look good, I wouldn't worry about it. BR>If you see the leaves turing yellow (sometimes with black BR>spots) it is an indication of tomato blight and that is BR>something to worry about.
I wonder how the blight is spread?
Any recovery possible, or dump those before infecting others?
Ciao, Ack.
SLMR 2.1a Join me tomorrow in stamping out procrastination.

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