Screen specimen 16" tall to hide uggly structure

Area is North Texas, North Tarrant Co.
I would like to hide a structure that is away, on the other side of my fence. I would need a tall bush or small tree that can make it under a couple of full grown oaks, mostly filtered sun, except for early morning. The fence where it would be planted is close to 7 feet, and ideally it would have to look somehow rounded, like 8', on the area above the fence, but could be a bush or tree form.
I know it is not going to be easy. I have been thinking...
- Nelly R Stevens Holly, which would be very nice if it can make it that high in partial sun.
- Yaupon Holly. Very well adapted to the area, but very irregular shape.
- Foster Holly.. problem is that top of bush tends to be pyramidal in shape, which is not too good for what I need.
Any other trees or bushes that could be an option? Any ideas?
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