Re: What to do with a skunk in a live trap?

Evil One wrote:

Perhaps the trap could be fashioned so that the bag could be closed over it from a distance (in lieu of the original poster's fear of what might go wrong). How that would work: I'm presuming the contractors' bags have a diameter at least big enough to contain the length of a skunk-sized trap; so take some wire, cable, or even stiff plastic and loosely tape it around the edges of the bag to make a "hula hoop" or croquet hoop type structure. Place the bag "inside" the trap but keep the bag open, with the hoop on the ground, surrounding the trap. Attach string or wire to the far side of the hoop and clip or weight the fore portion to the ground so that it can be pulled forward sort of like the way a mousetrap works (and the bag drawn over the trap) from a distance. Test your setup first to see that it works smoothly. Inventive persons can add variations on how this is done, but you get the idea.
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