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when I dug up my yard in Nashville, I too had a special lily. (It turned out to be a pineapple lily.......that I had gotten as a freebie from Michigan Bulb that had survived and grown to incredible purportions, and yes, something came from MB that survived...<g>)ANYWAY, I dug around the perimeter of the bulb and put it in a five gallon bucket with holes drilled in the bottom and it lived there for 3 years quite happily. I'd have it today but someone (we won't mention names) didn't get the bucket of dirt with the dormant bulb in it when we moved into this house and the landlord thought it was trash and carted it off before I got back to grab it back up. (I also lost my good boots, my favorite fishing pole and a few other things because he didn't have the patience to wait for me to get the remainder of our things out of the old farmhouse, which was two days later..........some people's kids..........) How large do you think this bulb can be after 20 years? Could a friend hold it over in their yard in a nice large pot instead of storage? I'd say dig it up, pot it, and let someone keep it where it can live instead of losing it in storage. let me know how it goes........(would LOVE a picture of that baby..........) madgardener

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