Osmanthus fragrans between properties

Recently had huge hedge removed between me and neighbor. Now driving myself up the wall trying to decide what to put in vacant No Plants Land. West/North exposure on residential street in Southern California coastal.
Area approx 20' x 5'. Have put in a line of Coreopsis Gigantea, a Calif. native with attractive feathery foliage. Planted it 8" inside(future) fence.
(Neighbor wants his (IMHO inappropriate) fence design and is paying for it. I wanted a design more suitable to the street, and offered to go halve$.
Given the circumstances, I need something to help conceal fence. Ideally, fast grower (supposedly 24" per annum) , reasonably trouble-free.
I plan to train for bushiness rather than height.
Nabe nursery suggested this tree/shrub -- Osmanthus fragrans. Many Web sites, including this one: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/341408 /
O. fragrans apparently has a fairly wide range.
Would be interested to hear from NG members, in this or other climates, who have experience with the plant, or opinions about it.
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