New Deer repellant

A rhododedron gardener reported on a new deer repellant he is trying this winter. He treated over 400 plants that normally get heavily browsed and only about 15 got nibbled this winter. It is "Plantskydd". Does anyone on this group have any experience with this product? Its claim to fame is that it lasts 6 months. I know the egg-based products work on the short term, but this product which is blood-meal based has the promise of giving an effective level of protection for the entire winter.
I use deer netting on my worst chewed plants, but have some like PJM and Hinoki Cypress that are only browsed when the ground is snow covered and was thinking of using Plantskydd on these areas.
One thing I have noticed is that some rhododendron, especially the Catawbiense related ones, don't seem to be bothered. Based upon my experience with PJM, I would guess that Rhododendron minus does not throw deer resistance when it is bred.
Cheers, Steve Henning in Reading, PA USA Zone 6
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Cheers, Steve Henning in Reading, PA USA
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