Need Some Gardeners Eyes...

I am working on a project for a small Canadian manufacturer of organic and hydroponic nutrients.
The company has just launched a web site,, and they have asked me to do some research and gather feedback which they will then use to modify the web site.
I am only a novice gardener myself and am learning all about hydroponic nutrients from scratch, but I was surprised to learn that many of these products are used in non-hydroponic gardens - some in commercial agriculture and some even by back yard gardeners and landscaping companies.
Anyway, the company's target marget is a) commercial hydroponic operators and b) garden supply centres (who would then re-package these products and sell them at a retail markeup. But the site itself is open to anyone who wants to buy this stuff.
So I am just looking for anyone who is interested in having a look at this web site to go have a look and then post any suggestions or feedback here under this thread. I will gather up people's feedback and take it back to the company so they can make the suggested changes, if possible.
The web site, again, is:
Appreciate any (hopefully constructive) comments!
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Pat wrote:


Your message indicates you are employed to support Web development for a commercial company. Now you are asking us to provide free help to you.
I don't mind providing free help to other home gardeners, who are tending their own landscaping. And I readily help others with suggestions for improvements to their personal, non-commercial Web sites (about gardening or not). But it is wrong for a commercial company to expect such help.
There are a number of professional Web developers who provide this service for a fee. As a retired software engineer (over 40 years experience), I will not provide free feedback that effectively denies paid employment to others, especially when so much of that employment is being outsourced offshore.

David E. Ross
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David (and anyone else who might see this thread...
First, my apologies if I have offended you.
I am not asking anyone "Web Developers" or anyone else to do work for free.
I am doing market research.
Web Developers are not a useful or valid source of market information for a company trying to sell agricultural nutrients. People who use agricultural nutrients are. And that is why I posted to this group.
Every day several tens of thousands of us in the marketing business ask people to look at products, commercials, magazine and other print and web ads and provide us with feedback so that we can better understand what those people want and like and what they don't.
Most of us (people in North America) have beeen asked to participate in such forums - it's pretty common nowadays.
The people who offer their feedback help shape the products and the advertising surrounding them that get launched into the marketplace. It is typically not paid employment - just an opportunity to have input into which products go forward to market and which products don't.
Again, I apologize if there was any misunderstanding. I am not asking anyone to "work for free".
This company launched a web site. They are selling hydroponic and organic nutrients. If anyone wants to have a quick look at the website and express their opinion about it, that's wonderful.
Personally, I think it is a good thing when companies reach out into the marketplace to try to better understand their market. It means they are trying to listen to their customers or possible customers.
Anyway, the site is at:
If anyone wants to have a look and offer an opinion, the company is very interested in hearing from you.
If anyone does NOT want to look at the web site, well that's totally fine too.

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