Gladiolus bent leaves before the stalk = no bloom?

This is my second year planting gladiolus, they are currently at the 3-5 leave
stage, before the stalk comes. I learned last year that not all corms produce
any leaves. If they produce green leaves, doesn't necessarily mean they will
produce a stalk. If it produces a stalk, some stalks buds' didn't open. I am
currently working on growing a "cutting garden". So my question is, can you tell
at this "3-5 leave" stage if it will produce a stalk? If they wont, I'd like to
just get them out now to save the nutrients for the rest of the garden.
Thank you for your time
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Sophia Antoinette
Odd - I'd check the chemical mix. Might be simple as that to improve. Some rock chem mix can enhance flower production in other plants. Maybe if you have tired dirt it might take pushing.
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Martin Eastburn

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