Frost on leaves

Currently in Pittsburgh we are having temperatures in the high
eighties. The leaves on the trees appear to be coming out early. We do
normally have frost until around the middle of May. If we should have
a frost, would the frost affect the leaves as well as the flowers on
the trees. I have a small bush that is just coming into its own.
Should I cover it if there is a frost, or would the leaves grow back?
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Every year our Magnolias bloom. Sometimes they get burned. I found the early bloomer should not be protected. South side of house gives false pretense of winter gone. Then they fend for themselves still celebrating even if short lived reminds me better to burn out then ...
Bill who never covers nothing but may cover rosemary next fall. Never is a long time and Rosemary and potatoes yum.
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Some cover, others do not. I would cover vegetable plants, but not landscaping plants. I have a lace-leaf maple that got frostibit last year, the plant looked sad for some months but it bounced back this year.
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People here who ran a garden shop many years ago told me that if you get up early and wash the frost off the leaves before the sun hits them that much damage can be avoided.
I don't get up early, so I'll never know.
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On Mon, 27 Apr 2009 16:44:49 -0700, Charles wrote:
Never heard that. But I have read about the citrus farmers wetting down the tree leaves before a predicted frost as the additional water helps to slow the freezing process.
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