landscape edging question

Late last Fall, I put in some landscape fabric/weed matting on our front yard. Our front yard is rather small, and quite sloped, so I was sick of mowing it. I planted blue rug junipers so that they would eventually spread out all over the place.
The trouble I'm having now is picking something I can put along the edge that will hold in the small stones that I place on top of the landscape fabric. (to hold it down, and protect it from the sun and wind, etc.)
I need something sturdy, because people occasionally miss the turn into the alley, and end up on the edge of our front yard. It would need to be able to conform to the lay of the land, since there is a lot of variation in angles and such of the soil when going around the edges and on the various sides.
I've been considering using plain old bricks. Lowe's has them for about 70c each. I could double them up and make a decent, though not perfect edge for this sort of situation. The holes in the brick would allow me to pound pieces of rebar into the ground through them, then put some masonry cement to hold the bricks in place well.
Anyone have a different idea for what might work well in my situation? Thanks for your thoughts!
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