Dwarf Lilac Decision

I am getting ready to order a dwarf lilac (has to be dwarf because it cannot be allowed to block a window). Since I already have a dwarf lilac "Miss Kim", I thought I'd go with a native lilac. Until a few weeks ago, I thought the only native dwarf lilac around was "Prairie Petite". But looking in the Jung catalogue I find another one listed, "Dwarf Wonderblue".
Decisions, decisions.
Prairie Petite is described by Jung as having lavender fragrant flowers, extremely hardy (developed at the University of Nebraska) of both heat and cold. Height is 3 to 4 foot.
Dwarf Wonderblue has no glowing descriptions of its hardiness (but it may be a new variety), is described as having lavender buds and sky-blue flower. No mention of fragrance. It was developed by Father John Fiala, whom Google tells me was a prolific lilac breeder and wrote a book on the subject. Height is 4 to 5 foot.
Getting them both is not an option right now (and even if I were to get a second one later, it would be in a much less prominent spot). Does anyone have any experience with either variety? Anything you would feel that a potential buyer should know?

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