Centepede sod question(s)

I justs laid 150 yards of what wassupposed to be centepede sod. It was still basically just coming out of dormancy, but it had a thick mat of the typical looking centepede grass. It has now taken hold and growing pretty darn good, except the grasses blades are long up to 8 or 10 inches in length, and not the type that usually lays close to the ground. My front yard has had centepede in it for over 30 years and it has never grown like this grass is. My grass in the front yard is still just starting to green up and get short small growth but this newly laid sod looks more like a stand of fescue.......
Is this normal or is there an over abunaance of other grasses contained in this sod? I paid for centepede not fescue or other grasses.
In one way its fine, as its green and covers the original bare ground, and anaything is better than dirt. The bed was prepared by tilling 4 inches andapplying fertilizer, raked and leveled, and the sod laid, rolled and watered. I don;t think it wold have been any wild seed coming in from the original ground as it never had grass before, and it would not have grown as quick as it did if it was freshly geminated seed.
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