I am considering having a storage space built underneath the sundeck to store wooden chairs and boxes

There is a concrete pad 11' x 5' and about 39" tall. I'd like to enclose it with plywood and store extra wooden oak
dining chairs and boxes. My contractor said not to insulate it as if the sundeck leaks and the insulation gets wet,
it will rot. I would like to heat the area - either with a small electric heater or a light bulb. We live in a fairly
temperate climate where the temperature rarely dips below freezing - but it rains a lot (Vancouver, B.C. Canada).
Would my furniture be okay? I might store it there for a few years.
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Denise Bezanson
Ah, no. That stuff should only be in Conditioned Space (constant humidity range). None of those things care nor are affected by temperature changes, but hate changes in humidity. Insulating a shed is a bad thing, it traps moisture and causes condensation within the shed. - Though, if you seal those items, and I mean envelope them in no less than fully taped 6-mil plastic, inside an un-insulated, asphalt roofed and raised (air-gapped) shed. Then, they should fair perfectly well. In that case, you can even harmlessly expand the shed beyond the concrete pad.
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