Missing final electrical inspection seal

My home was built in 1993. I bought it in 2005. I notice that there is no final inspection sticker in or on the circuit breaker box. There is a preliminary seal which approves the system for 180 days only but apparently a final inspection was never done (or was recorded somewhere else.
Am i in big trouble now? Should I just forget it or face the possibility of a complete rewire? there was a gameroom added after the original owner moved in' presumably after the preliminary inspection
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Check anonymously or as someone else with the Municipality. They issued the Use and Occupancy at some point, so the final pass will be on record. They should explain that the Use and Occupancy is the seal, final inspection and legally proper approval of everything known. - For the game-room, there may not have been any permit nor inspection. Most everywhere's laws say the property owner can do what they want within the building footprint and no permit nor inspection is required. The Permit Dept. will lie and disagree readily, just to get your money.
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