Zucchetta squash?

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Supposedly Zucchetta are bug resistant.
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But they are climbing. What happens if you don't
give them something to climb on?
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T wrote:
they'll sprawl out along the ground and the fruits will be a bit dirty. not a huge deal to me. it may also affect how productive they are (if the pollinators don't like being down that low or whatever).
it isn't that hard to pound a few stakes in the ground and run some strings or wires for things to climb up. or to build a teepee out of scrap wood.
a 100ft roll of 6ft fence runs about $130 plus stakes at about $4 each, so say $200 for 100ft of climbable fence. scaled down you can use other things for sure if you can find things as scrap or along the road or ask people for things to use or such.
some people use trees that are spaced out well enough to let some light through, but then they grow grapes and other climbing plants in there too as a 2nd layer of production. it's a bit too much for me to contemplate since i don't care to have trees getting the sun from my vegetable gardens.
food forests can be pretty productive though between fruits and nuts and forage for animals and anything that hits the ground can be fed to chickens or pigs. so it can be a nice system with the shade too in an arid climate that shade is worth a lot.
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