what to do with soybeans the reflux

hee, love that title... couldn't resist.
ok, so after buying tempeh and trying it i couldn't really get much enthusiasm up for actually making it. the texture and taste really didn't work for me. so while i did eat it and it was ok, i much prefer soy milk and tofu in comparison.
today i took my first attempt at making soy milk using the directions from:
and since i did a smaller amount i didn't follow the exact measurements. but it turned out as identifiably drinkable soy milk (compared to what i've bought before) and so i'm quite happy.
i had more than a gallon of liquid so i went the next step and tried to make tofu (using lemon juice as a coagulator). it turned out ok, but my first inclination is to stop and be very happy with soy milk and leave it there.
so thanks again for the suggestions from everyone. :)
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