seed swap fun

this past weekend i finally became a more social
critter and had some fun giving away beans.
i had a lot of fun meeting new people and some
i had corresponded with via e-mail or on-line.
before i went i was way too busy trying to sort
and figure out what i was going to take from the
bean collection.
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i ended up taking two totes and another box
of a few others just in case i ran low.
the goal was to give away as many beans as
possible as i really needed room on my shelves
again. i succeeded in giving about half of
them away.
since this was the first time i'd done this
i didn't really know what i was up against or
such, but i think i learned a few things to
apply for the next time.
i didn't take only beans to give away, the
scapes from some garlic that were sprouting were
popular in spite of the fact that it would take
a year and a half to get them to a regular bulb
of garlic again. i gave a few hundred of those
scapes away - so i know to take some more next
year too.
i think i'll come up with a garlic page for
the website so people can have that for directions
and to also give it the history as i know of it.
i shook hands with Mr. John Coykendall and
thanked him for coming but i did not have enough
time to talk to him. i really needed another
person so i could go do some other things here
or there while they could stay at the table to
give things away. like i really wanted to go to
his lecture/presentation but it was too busy
with people wanting seeds or talking about
the most fun was meeting new gardeners just
starting out and making sure they had some seeds
that have been reliable for me for this area.
all that said, have you done any seed swaps?
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No. I don't know any local gardeners (although, I do drive by a nice little summer garden a few miles up the road) and generally eschew group and "social" activities
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