rose hips

Hi all ;
There seems to be a bumper-crop of rose hips, this year -
I've never harvested them before - any special advice ?
Are there any to avoid ? I will google-search some web sites
for info, but thought I'd ask here also.
John T. southern Ontario Canada
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the seeds may harbor small flying antlike creatures so if you store them after drying you probably don't want to store them inside.
i only picked a few the one time. i didn't do much of anything with them or the seeds.
there were hairs in there with the seeds.
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You can use any kind of rose to make rose hip concoctions like tea or jam. Used to be (and probably still) all sorts of recipes out there for back-to- the-landers and wild food enthusiasts, usually with accompanying text extolling the the virtures. While a rose hip is much like an apple - apples are in the rose family - the flesh-to-core ratio is rather poor and the seeds are fuzzy. This makes it rather troublesome to separate. Many years ago I tried making rose hip jam. It looked like low-grade ketchup but tasted okay - but not great. I later encountered others who had made rose hip jam. Nobody bothered doing it second time. Most "rose hip teas" the you can buy are actually flavoured and coloured with something else, typically hibiscus. Also never met anyone who made a second batch.
- Alfred in central Alberta, "Wild Rose Country".
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Alfred Falk

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