Re : Bare root asian pear fruiting in first year

Just want to post an update on this. My pears did grow into fruits. One being too small and may be damaged by birds. The other 3 are good. I picked the largest one, in the size of a softball. Sweet! Crispy! Yummy! :D Just want to let you guys know that even bare root can bare fruit (the first year!)
----------------------------------- Date: 2003-07-16 14:02:31 PST
I planted a bare root asian pear without much pruning (removed 2 lower branches out of a total 5) back in March. It didn't grow very well as I don't see much side branches coming out but the leaves are big and healthy. 3 weeks ago it starts flowering (for the 2nd time, 1st was in April) and now I see 4 pieces of small fruits. What should I do about them? Shall I remove them to prevent them from drawing too much nutritions or let them fruit and taste my luck?
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