Pumpkin Germination Rates

I planted 20 pumpkin and winter squash hills a month ago, putting 6 seeds p
er hill for a total of 120 seeds. Two weeks later, only 17 had sprouted for
a germination rate of 14.17%. Some of the varieties had one, two, or three
sprouts per hill but two of the varieties had none at all.
I reseeded, putting enough seeds in each hill to bring the total back to 6.
So if a hill had three sprouts, I'd plant three more seeds of that variety
; if a hill had only one sprout, I'd plant 5 seeds of that variety.
Two weeks after the replanting, every hill has at least one sprout and most
have four to six. The new sprouts are all from the reseeding.
There was no sudden chill or frost during this period and I watered them al
l regularly. It seems that this happens most years, having to reseed the pu
mpkin hills for poor germination rates. Has anyone else had this problem wi
th pumpkins?
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we seem to plant them late enough that they do pretty well. i've not ever had to replant from a germination problem. more likely the chipmunks/etc have gotten them.
last year when i was cleaning out squash i had tons of seeds and put them in one worm bucket. and then forgot about it until i went to use that bucket this spring out in the gardens. i now have an area that looks like a strange carpet it has so many squash plants sprouted in there. going to trim them all off. i don't want them to smother that bean patch.
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