bean germination rates

seem to be pretty good even for older beans.
yes, not 100%, but still good enough that i
don't need to replant much by the looks of things.
i'm getting more gaps from chipmunks and
rabbits at the moment, but i have plenty enough
seeds to replant in the gaps if they are large
enough. most the time i don't even bother
because i slightly overplant so the gaps are
enough space as needed.
last season i hardly planted any beans at all
(two varieties). we grew too many squash and i
didn't have much room or inclination i guess...
this year i stopped counting number of varieties
at around 50 (some might only be one or two
seeds of that kind). i'm always interested to
see how they all do and what new cross breeds
will show up.
i have enough beans to plant quite a large
area. wish i had the space to grow all of
these different ones out to see how well they
i'm trying to rebuild up a few of my favorite
fresh eating beans too (both green and wax beans)
so i am hoping those will do well this season and
i can have a good source of seeds for the future.
as the green beans especially were from an
experimental supply i won't be able to easily
replace them other than by growing them. very
long beans with a very narrow white seed. not
easy to not eat them (i love fresh beans in the
garden about as much as i like fresh peas - many
don't make it out of the garden as i much prefer
to carry them in my tummy :) ).
before i restart the worm buckets i'm taking
the temporary extra space on the floor to get
all the beans out and reorganize them so i can
get them down to a bit less space for storage.
that at least is the plan for the next rainy
day if i get one in the next few weeks.
ok, siesta/break is over. hope everyone is
enjoying their gardening season. :)
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