pine stump grinding

I am going to have two pine tree stumps ground up. They are from trees
that fell over the last week. They are about 3 feet in diameter. That
means a lot of ground up stuff to get rid of.
I am getting conflicting info about what to do with it. I have plenty
of land in the woods to dump it, but was told it was good for the garden
as mulch.
I do not do much but do have about 20 tomato plants and a few squarsh
and cantalope plants in an area that is about 20 by maybe 40 feet.Some
tell me to put the grindings on that garden spot. Some say it is bad for
the soil.
What would you do with the grindings ?
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Ralph Mowery
My wife has been using wood chips as mulch for her garden for years. We also use the wood chips as mulch for the paths leading to the greenhouse and for the greenhouse floor.
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if it is just wood chips without dirt mixed in then that is worth to use as a top mulch for any perennial garden.
i'm not sure how sticky the chips would be from pine sap/tar so it may not work well as a pathway material.
if it has a lot of dirt mixed in with it then i would bury it around the garden in spots where it could continue rotting and eventually turn into humus. not too near existing plants because you don't want to disturb the roots or their growth. once it has been broken down more it can be mixed in with the rest of the garden soil (after a few more years - really depends upon soil moisture and fungi you have in your area).
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