Pepper problem

Maybe someone can shed light on this problem. We're in zone 6a, almost online with 7a and our garden is thriving this year. That is, everything but the peppers. I have regular bell and the colored types including a few pimentos. Of the 18 plants only 3 have a few peppers. The rest are tall and a nice green but with almost no flowers. Tiny buds just sit there. When flowers do open, they close in a few days, turn brown to the stem, and the entire thing falls off. No peppers form. Also, I find it strange that they're dropping green leaves from the bottom. Every one of them has at least 2 green leaves they've dropped. They're spread out over 3 garden plots, not all together. We don't see any insect pests on them. Usually by mid july I'm awash in peppers and already freezing them for winter. We've had rain so drought is not a problem this year. Any suggestions? Ideas? Thoughts? We really miss our peppers.
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