peas again

Derald wrote:

no, just filling in the bare spot out back that will get overgrown by hollyhocks, sow thistle or grasses if i don't weed it. the strawberries are still filling it in and it needs a lot more mulch to reduce the weed sproutings. it is about 700sq ft -- i don't have that much mulch materials available.

they do more damage to the bird population than raccoons do. they are always around here. i don't even try to discourage them as they are what i catch when i put out the live trap to get the raccoons.

the pine tree only drops some of the needles. all deciduous trees are to the N or NE along that edge and that is a good place for them the winds come out of the S or SW most of the time.
if i were in the south i'm sure we'd want the shade trees too. a few hours less of sunlight here or there would not be a major loss. i'd probably live in a hobbit hole. :)
our radishes grew in three stages and looked like snowmen when we finally pulled them out, about 8-10 inches long. no idea they'd get that big. :) great ground cover or cover crop with the big leaves. won't likely grow them again though. rather use the space for things we do eat.
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