Our tomatoes seem to have stopped growing

We've just gone through an period of unusually high temperatures and
humidity, and our tomato plants seem to have gone into some sort of
They show no external signs of stress or disease, but to my untrained
eye neither the fruit nor the blossoms look any different from a week or
more ago.
If the weather returns to normal (whatever that is), will the plants
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Bert Hyman
Here in Chicago metro our tomatoes are doing okay. It's the peppers that aren't flowering. The plants are growing like bushes but only a couple of them have any flowers at all so far this year. A couple of pimento peppers are growing and that's it. Just one plant growing peppers and the rest getting big. Crossing my fingers they will flower.
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Doug Freyburger
three answers come to mind, perhaps too much nitrogen in the soil, lack of full sun or a lack of pollinators.
we've had no trouble this season with the peppers, lack of rain has been the toughest. about the same zone as you Doug.
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The heat has slowed the growth of my tomatoes. But the last two days temperatures have been less the 90 Degrees. Peppers are not doing well. Others are going well like squash. Had fried squash today.
Corn is not doing well due to insufficient rain and late planting. The west coast of Michigan is getting most of the rain. The rain seems to be missing me on the east coast of Michigan. Raining all around me but not much here.
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Nad R

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